Team Optimization

Implementing & Optimizing Strong Team Structures

Concerned with strategy, structuring & top-down initiatives, top management often underestimates the vast potential of facilitating great teams and work groups. Back in the 1990s, implementing an effective team structure was key to IBM’s turnaround and renewed success.

Typical challenges

Typical challenges associated with implementing & optimizing team structures include:

  • Immature team & work group leaders.
  • Absence of team identity, resulting in a lack of accountability and poor collaboration.
  • Low involvement & engagement.
How we help clients

We help clients implement and optimize strong team & work group structures, leading to effective and well-functioning groups.

Some of the things we assist with include:

  • Diagnosing the organization’s team structure, revealing strengths, opportunities and challenges.
  • Selecting & training team and work group leaders.
  • Implementing the collection of regular feedback on key team parameters such as team performance, identity & accountability.
  • Presentations that educate and inspire team and work group leaders.