Organizational Transformation

Making Organizational Transformations Succeed

When an organization is faced with rapid changes in the marketplace as well as internal challenges such as performance issues, transforming the organization and its culture is key to remaining competitive. Yet statistics show that change is difficult and that one in three change programs fail (McKinsey).

Typical challenges

Typical challenges associated with organizational transformation include:

  • Designing changes that make sense and are seen as visionary.
  • Changing peoples' behavior and not just strategies, structures and processes.
  • Keeping people motivated and engaged.
How we help clients

We help clients launch and execute successful turnarounds and deliver extended value through our extensive knowledge about how to keep people onboard, involved and engaged.

Among others things, we assist with:

  • Reframing vision, mission, value statements & grand stories, bringing about change.
  • Aligning the new vision, values, structures and strategies with the culture and day-to-day practices of the employees.
  • Helping leaders become change models who walk the talk and involve people in the transition.