Organizational Performance

Increasing Organizational Performance

While performance management has long been important to CEOs and HR managers, excessive focus on detailed measurement, rigorous tools and extended control have often proved to do more harm than good. Lately, leading companies such as Deloitte, General Electric and Airbnb have abandoned such methods, moving towards a more human-friendly approach.

Typical challenges

Typical challenges met when attempting to improve organizational performance include:

  • Performance measurement tools that, for the vast majority, produce stress rather than the desired fruit.
  • Yearly measurements that are too infrequent to support day-to-day improvement.
  • Excessive performance focus, yielding a ‘me first’ mentality and a culture of competition rather than collaboration.
How we help clients

We help clients move from good to great when it comes to organizational performance. Starting with the employee & the employee perspective, our approach creates real results for companies as we support business functions, units and leaders in nurturing an atmosphere where people naturally thrive, grow and produce.

Among others things, we assist with:

  • Diagnostics that combine surveys, leadership interviews and focus groups to reveal opportunities and weaknesses.
  • Designing and implementing tailored action plans, by which leaders are trained, coached, and assisted in facilitating healthy and productive environments.
  • Delivering results through a focus on performance drivers as well as the performance itself.
  • Developing and implementing continual and human-friendly aims of monitoring, communicating & providing coaching on performance.