Leadership Development

Developing Leaders That Last

To step up into a leadership position and to lead successfully in times of change and uncertainty takes more than simple courage. It also demands increased self-awareness and the learning of new behaviors. That’s why Google, for instance, invests heavily in training programs like Project Oxygen, coaching managers on key behaviors and the things that great managers do.

Typical challenges

Typical challenges associated with raising and developing leaders include:

  • Identifying new leaders and keeping them motivated.
  • Reducing leadership turnover and forming leaders that last.
  • Developing leaders through the leadership pipeline who exhibit the behaviors and emotional maturity necessary to take on more responsibility.
How we help clients

We help clients develop high-performance leaders who inspire others, show integrity and last.

Among others things, we assist with:

  • Diagnosing the organizations’ leadership pipeline, revealing strengths, opportunities and challenges.
  • Training & coaching leaders on developing a value-centered and inspirational leadership style, communicating and modeling outstanding vision, values and practices.
  • Implementing leadership programs focused on how leaders can facilitate healthy environments where people feel included, appreciated and accepted.
  • Equipping leaders with the tools to grow an ‘everyone can play' culture that encourages involvement and engagement.
  • One-on-one coaching & mentorship to leaders who want to overcome leadership obstacles or personal issues.