Identity Development & Change

Changing & Sustaining Organizational Identity

When organizations and business units undergo change, appoint new leaders or are threatened, the question of ’Who are we?’ inevitably arises. Defining and formulating a clear and distinctive identity is crucial to everything from strategy and branding to employee engagement and productivity.

While organizational identity typically revolves around the organization’s vision, mission, values and key stories, business units are usually distinguished by their practices, competencies or products.

Typical challenges

Typical challenges associated with changing and sustaining business unit and organizational identity include:

  • Finding and agreeing on common key values or characteristics.
  • Developing and formulating an identity that is in sync with how the employees understand the unit or organization.
  • Developing and formulating an identity that is in sync with how external stakeholders perceive the unit or organization.
How we help clients

We help clients discover and formulate a distinctive identity that unites internally, communicates externally, and provides sense of belonging.

Some of the areas we assist with include:

  • Interviews and assessments informing the identity formation process, identifying how key stakeholders (e.g., employees, customers) see the unit or organization.
  • Articulating a clear-cut identity through common characteristics, values, mission & vision.
  • Implementing the new identity, aligning it with strategy, culture, HR system and employees.
  • Employee surveys to measure and monitor the effects of identity changes.